A little Monday Action


Lauren Griffin.. Just an Alabama girl trying to make a mark on this world. Slowly but surely Cliche I know. Finally stumbling into my senior year last semester here at The University of South Alabama only 106 Days 7 Hours 59 Minutes 40 Seconds until graduation but who said I was counting. Public Relations seems to be my profound passion and I can visualize myself in that career path.  When I began my college journey I was completely unsure honestly a completely different person yet exactly the same if anyone can relate.. Today I couldn’t be happier  last summer put the icing on the cake I moved across the country to Washington D.C. and completed an internship at a large political communications firm. That then led me to landing a position last semester on the fundraising team for Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Its unbelievable to really sit back and think about where life takes you. Like I could end up anywhere..

Anyways I am excited/nervous about this blog. I honestly only have related it to my Pinterest boards (which i’m very proud of). I do like the idea of putting all my thoughts out there isn’t that what a blog is for… Im a big reader of anything mostly news and articles that pertain to my 22 year old self TSM I am talking to you. Although I have read one blog before that I keep up with.. “Style with a little Grace”… written by my boss Gracie, clever + cute I am officially jealous. Its all about her social scene and fashion she’s basically a J Crew model so yeah. 

Blogging I feel could be really personal but although you make it what you want it to be. If you want it to be seen in a professional  aspect then you have to write for that audience. In reality does that really make you relatable?

Happy Monday


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