In need of Monday Motivation

“May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong & your Monday be short”

It is currently 7:08 pm and I have consumed 3 cups of coffee on this dreaded Monday. Honestly in my opinion Monday is a continuous 1/7 waste of my life. In reality I can do nothing about it.

What a weekend. Period. If you are from Mobile and enjoy being Social I am happy to be the one to inform that Mardi Gras has officially begun.(thankfully). My bank account and sleep deprived self will not appreciate this in a few weeks. Also if anyone is a local news follower you may have caught a glimpse of me on FOX 10 at the parade sorry mom…. For some strange reason I am very approachable.. good or bad you tell me? Anyways its a great time of year for history, beads & MOONPIES. I am a big fan of anything Mardi Gras it is honestly my favorite holiday other than my birthday. ( FYI ITS MAY 2)

I have an extremely busy week ahead aside from working and also maintaining 18hrs of school work.. Who said senior year was easy.. No one ever. A full time job sounds a whole lot worse.

Wishing spring was in the air, negative as I sit winded from walking across a 72 degrees parking lot and up one flight of stairs. On the upside you can basically dress for spring in this weather.. I love warn weather and anything Lilly Pulitzer hint hint for my birthday. Hopefully my next cup of coffee will make this day a little brighter!


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